How does Warehow charge?

With competitive, volume-based pricing, you pay when you sell*. Save on warehouse and staffing costs, and take advantage of our low-cost courier rates and all-inclusive packages. Start saving on your fulfilment with Warehow.

Large & Enterprise Businesses: Contact us to discuss a bespoke package with big savings available vs. our already competitive SME rates.

Monthly SubscriptionPRO +




Inclusive monthly stock holding allowance13,0006,00010,00010,000+
Weeks free storage2688
Minimum term6 months9 months12 months
Minimum Monthly Invoice value£199.99£249.99£299.99
Credit Limit3£7.5k£12.5k£17.5k

Warehow subscription gives you access to a guaranteed stock holding and periods of free storage. For each order dispatched within your allowance all our customers pay the same basic fees regardless of the subscription level.

For clarity, please note that the per order fee is charged in addition to the subscription.

*First 6 months of subscription payable in advance
*Free storage periods apply on each renewal of minimum term:
*Corporate clients pay some fees based on intake, and storage not just outbound sales
Valid from April 1st 2024 to March 31st 2025
Warehow ‘All In One’ intake, warehousing and delivery charge per item sold 4Item Price Includes: Stock intake, Pick & Pack and tracked delivery
Standard Fashion Item or small ‘home’ <1kgBulky Fashion Item or small ‘home’ <2kgMedium Box <5kgLarge Box <10kg
48 hour fully tracked service£4.99£5.49£6.69£7.29
24 hour fully tracked service£5.99£6.69£7.29£7.59

Item Price includes:

  • Stock intake
  • Pick & Pack
  • Fully tracked delivery

For Northern Ireland, Highlands & Islands & Isle of Man please see additional service charges.

For each second item and all subsequent items within a single order and dispatched within a single parcel a 45% discount per unit will be applied.
* For product supplied to Warehow in mailable packaging. UK mainland only. Courier surcharges and redelivery rates passed on in full with 4% admin fee. For each second item and subsequent items within a single order and dispatched within a single parcel a 45% discount will be applied.
* All prices ex VAT
Other Fees & Charges
Base Storage Fees*
Scroll down to see how to earn up to 100% discount on your storage fees.
Storage fees also only apply outside of your repeating free storage periods.
Charged Storage Fee*
(Free storage periods & significant discount available on storage fees)
Standard Fashion/Jewellery Item or small ‘home’ <1kgpro+enterpriseenterprise+
Standard Fashion/Jewellery Item or small ‘home’ <1kg£0.20£0.175£0.15
Bulky Fashion Item or small ‘home’ <2kg£0.30£0.25£0.20
Medium Box£0.30£0.25£0.20
Large Box£0.65£0.60£0.50
* Based on snapshot stockholding on last working day of each month. Charged storage applies after free storage period ends. Fees charged per stock unit per month. Free storage periods re-apply on each renewal of minimum term
* All prices ex VAT
Storage Fees Monthly Discounts,

the more you sell the bigger the discount.

Discount applied for achieving the below monthly unit sales volumes
(Fees and discount only apply outside of free storage periods)

25% discount
on storage fees
50% discount
on storage fees
75% discount
on storage fees
100% discount
on storage fees
Additional Warehow Services
Standard Packaging Bag or Envelope£0.20
POD Fashion Item£0.35
POD Box Item£0.50
Northern Ireland (not next day)+£2.69
Highlands and Islands (not next day)+ £3.29
Isle of Man (not next day)+ £3.99
Standard Packing Bag£0.20
Packing and Packaging Box Size: up to 22cm x 15cm x 15cm£0.49
Packing and Packaging Box Size: up to 31cm x 23cm x 15cm£0.99
Packing and Packaging Box Size: up to 45cm x 35cm x 15cm£1.29
Packing and Packaging Box Size: up to 61cm x 40cm x 40cm£1.99
Packing Note in bag/box£0.15
Your label on outer packaging *£0.15
Your branded packing bag *£0.15
Excess stock and end of term returns per unit40p**
Bar Code labelling of stock per item50p
First line email CS per hour£17.99
**Increases each April by RPI inflation at the end of the prior month
All fees and prices ex VAT.
  1. 1 If your stock holding is more than 10% above your subscription level allowance for more than 2 month end reporting cycles, you will automatically be moved up to the next subscription level and will incur the associated costs of the higher subscription level (and the relevant length of term) with the revised term applied from either the start or your contract of your last automated renewal date.
  2. 2 Number of weeks free storage included in subscription. After the ‘free’ storage period, storage is then charged at the relevant ‘charged storage monthly fee’.
  3. 3 If you are approaching your credit limit due to increased sales volumes, we will send an interim invoice mid month on 7 day payment terms to keep your account in balance. Non payment may result in account restrictions being applied.
  4. 4 Applies for product supplied to Warehow in mailable packaging. UK mainland only. Courier surcharges and redelivery rates passed on in full with 4% admin fee. If additional packaging is required this will be charged as shown in the ‘Additional Warehow Services and Fees’ table above. Published fees assume Warehow utilise our choice of courier, if specific couriers are requested or needed then costs may vary.
    Reverse flow is charged at 40p per unit excluding shipping and pallet costs, which will be charged to client. Reverse flow at end of term advance payment required.
    All fees and allowances are charged in line with the full Warehow terms and conditions. If we need to make any changes to these terms and conditions during a contractual period for either operational or legal reasons, we will consult with you fully in advance of making such changes.
    Terms and conditions and excluded items. Please see:
  • All services and cost options clearly indicated
  • No hidden extras or nasty surprises
  • If you’re not sure or want something nonstandard please just ask. We’ll accomodate if we can.
  • Our small print may be small, but it’s not there to catch you out
  • Prices are subject to change as not everything is always in our control, but changes will always be shown on our website.
Here’s some of the most frequently asked questions about Warehow. If you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.
How do I know what band my products are?

How does Warehow ship my stock?

Warehow will integrate directly to your selling channels (eg Amazon, eBay, Fruugo, OnBuy etc.) and as the orders flow through, we ensure they are dispatched promptly via fully-tracked courier services.

What services do you offer for delivery?

We offer both 24-hour and 48-hours fully-tracked service, including Northern Ireland, Highlands & Islands and the Isle of Man. Prices for EU and beyond are available on request.

How will the items be packed?

We try to balance minimal packaging with the need to keep your goods safe. Most fashion items are dispatched in plain shipping bags, with household items boxed as required.

With slightly larger household items, where the product packaging is already suitable, we will simply apply the shipping label to minimise the waste caused by unnecessary packaging, but we will always be led by our clients’ requirements.

What about returns?

Warehow manages returns for many of our clients. To discuss your needs, please get in touch.