River Island: Streamlining Multi-Channel Fulfilment with Warehow


River Island are an ever present in the UK fashion landscape and have achieved great success through their own stores, their website, and wholesale agreements with major UK fashion retailers.

Wanting to exploit the opportunity to expand their 3 rd party reach beyond wholesale and into partner-fulfilled direct-to-consumer (D2C) with channels such as ASOS, Very and Next.

The Challenge:

The expansion into partner fulfilled D2C and the addition of Secret Sales to their existing eBay clearance operation left River Island facing challenges in their existing operating model that potentially required costly, time consuming and disruptive changes that could distract from their core business priorities and also impact roll out speed.

This required River Island to rethink their approach. Implementing these changes within their primary 3PL provider and systems posed a significant challenge to the rapid deployment ideally wanted for this new sales model.

Warehow: The Strategic Solution:

Recognising the need for a more agile and cost-effective solution, River Island turned to Warehow.

With Warehow’s ‘light touch’ fulfilment integrations already in place for all the key channels, leveraging the Warehow teams’ expertise offered a cost-effective and speedier approach to expansion. This decision bypassed the need for extensive changes within River Island’s existing systems and operations.

Efficient Management and Customer Satisfaction:

Warehow’s support has led to the efficient ongoing fulfilment of thousands of daily orders across various sales channels for River Island. Notably, taking over the fulfilment for the River Island eBay store has helped drive a significant improvement in customer feedback, underscoring the effectiveness of Warehow’s fulfilment solutions.


The collaboration between River Island and Warehow demonstrates the importance of selecting the right partner when looking to overcome logistical challenges and enhance customer satisfaction in fast-paced fashion retail. For businesses looking to expand, streamline or optimise their multi-channel fulfilment processes, the Warehow teams’ success with River Island stands as a testament to their capability and impact.

If you’d like to understand more about how Warehow can help your business, please get in touch.