Love Brands: Revolutionising Fashion Retail with Warehow


Whilst Love Brands may not be an immediately recognisable ‘brand name’, the brands they bring to the UK market certainly are, including Guess Jeans, Karl Lagerfeld, Joop! Homme, and Miss Sixty. As a dynamic fashion agency over many years the Love Brands team have excelled in product selection, merchandising, and marketing and traded very successfully through wholesale agreements with retailers ranging in size from boutique stores to major UK chains.

Love Brands however, faced limitations in directly integrating with some key and evolving sales channels and lacked in-house direct-to-consumer (D2C) fulfilment capabilities. This case study explores how Love Brands were able to overcome these challenges with the support of the Warehow team.

The Challenge:

Love Brands were well supported by traditional 3PL warehousing partners for bulk imports and bulk order deliveries but found themselves at a crossroads. Their inability to integrate in-house directly with major UK fashion marketplaces like John Lewis and Next, coupled with the absence of D2C fulfilment infrastructure, was limiting their opportunity to exploit sales opportunities in a rapidly evolving fashion retail landscape.

Warehow: The Strategic Solution:

In response to these challenges Love Brands looked to Warehow. The partnership took off with Warehow facilitating Love Brands move from a wholesale only model to a mix of wholesale and partner direct fulfilled ranging on John Lewis, a move motivated by the retailer’s desire to reduce wholesale commitments whilst continuing to offer a comprehensive range to their customers. This success on John Lewis paved the way for further expansion

Expansion and Growth:

Leveraging Warehow’s knowledge and flexible approach, and their readily available integrations to many key UK sales channels, Love Brands seamlessly expanded to other major retailers such as Next and Debenhams, and through Warehow’s close collaboration with the Secret Sales marketplace. Warehow facilitated an effective off-price clearance solution for end-of-line products. Importantly for Love Brands, Warehow’s single stock pool not only served multiple online marketplaces but also efficiently fulfils B2B to Love Brands’ network of UK boutiques.

Innovation Fulfilment Solutions:

The versatility of Warehow’s fulfilment services, including branded packaging, branded customer invoices, and hassle-free returns processes, enabled Love Brands to swiftly and economically open new sales channels. The flexible and agile Warehow approach has been instrumental in the launch of Love Brands’ own D2C Shopify sites across various brands, optimising margins and enhancing brand presence.

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“Our partnership with Warehow has been vital in helping the Love Brands team exploit key new sales channels which are becoming an increasingly important aspect of the UK Fashion retail market.”