Hoover & Haier: Navigating the Shift to Direct to Consumer with Warehow

Hoover is renowned in the world of appliances, and has traditionally served the UK market mostly through trusted retail partners.

Their in-house fulfilment solution was designed to supply stock efficiently to large retailers in high volumes. However, embracing the opportunities presented by D2C at scale, and more specifically online marketplaces, demanded a shift from Hoover’s standard model.

This short case study explores how Hoover navigated this transition with the support of the Warehow team.

The Challenge:

Accustomed to a distribution model centred around bulk supply to retailers, Hoover faced the challenge of adapting to the direct-to-customer model. In-house, this transition would require potentially costly updates to Hoover’s warehouse IT systems, and also changes in their day-to-day warehouse operating model; both of which would take time, resource and careful planning.

Warehow: The Strategic Solution:

Understanding these challenges, Hoover chose to engage Warehow, a 3PL with proven expertise in online marketplace fulfilment offering quick to launch, light touch and low-cost integration solutions. Warehow initially supported fulfilment for Hoover’s eBay store, before supporting Hoover’s Amazon store, integrating a Seller Fulfilled Prime service, and expanding further with Warehow also managing the fulfilment for Hoover’s dedicated website.

Growth and Expansion:

The collaboration’s success set the stage for Hoover to launch further product ranges direct to consumer, with Warehow supporting the recent launch of Haier’s small kitchen appliance line in the UK.

Additionally, Warehow has facilitated comprehensive returns management and screening solutions, enhancing operational efficiency for both Hoover and Haier.


By leveraging Warehow’s expertise, and the Warehow teams’ flexible approach: this iconic brand has been able to seamlessly add D2C options to their customer offer; growing revenue and also gaining brand visibility on high volume sales channels with minimal disruption to their core business, and no capital infrastructure costs.

If you’d like to understand more about how Warehow can help your business, please get in touch.

If you’d like to understand more about how Warehow can help your business, please get in touch.

“The Warehow team have been a great partner for us as we look to optimise our in-house UK D2C opportunities without the need for complicated and expensive technical integrations.”